As we approach 2016 and reflect on the year that has passed my thoughts are always wandering back to my father who left us on January 1st, in 2007…. It's always a bitter sweet time for me.  It brings some sadness but it's also a time to celebrate, rejoice and reflect on the moments I have had with him over the years (the good ones and painful ones equally). 
Les fêtes de fins d’années (End of year celebrations) were his favorite time of year. He loved surrounding himself with friends and family to celebrate in the spirit of togetherness the year that had just passed and start the new year with the people he cared about the most. The present moment was all that mattered….
It is not always easy to fully enjoy each moment as they come. We're often trapped in our mind surrounded by thoughts, worries and images moving way too fast.

 After my father was diagnosed with cancer and treatments were administered, the reality set in that he may not survive his illness. He told my Mom that he wasn't sure he had left his mark yet on the world yet (he passed at 58). She looked at him, then around her. “Of course you have” she said. They were sitting in a room he had re-done completely, in a house where only the 1st floor was finished and livable when we first moved in. He built the entire second floor and made changes (adding an additional room and hardwood floors) over the past 20 years.

But the truth is, he has left his mark in more than what you can physically touch, he has left his mark on all of us that knew him. His presence in our life even today is undeniable, you can see it in my and my brother’s eyes, in my mother’s heart. His stubbornness, heated conversations and kindness are often recalled. He left his mark in more than one way, some that he is surely very proud of, some others probably a little less.

We all leave our mark in this world, whether we leave something concrete like a piece of art, something we’ve built or we leave an impression by sharing a simple word, a story or a smile. We all touch people in different ways and we’re not always aware of it. Each smile we offer, each word we whisper or scream, each touch leave an imprint in someone else's life.
As 2015 ends and 2016 begins I encourage you to keep leaving your mark with maybe a little more awareness and intention.
Live, love, create and be happy no matter what you chose to do. Leave your mark with pride, kindness, humility, tears, laughter.
Leave it, simply.
Share more of your light in 2016!

Wishing you all the best for the wonderful new year awaiting us, no matter what it brings us, let's all try to be a little bit more present!


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