Autumn is one of my favorite season.

I love the cooler air gently blowing in my hair, the leaves on the trees turning to fiery colors, the sound as they make their way down to the ground and underneath my feet. But with all changes comes uncertainty, feeling of anxiety as everything seems to be speeding rapidly towards the Holidays, the end of the year.

To enjoy the season fully, we must stay grounded and these oils will help you doing just that!

  1. Cypress helps your energy flow while bringing you feelings of calmness for both your body and mind. If your breath is shallow, add a drop to your palm, cup it around your nose and breathe it in to bring more oxygen to your body and create space for your anxious mind.

  2. Arbovitae oil helps when there is feelings of distrust, stubborn mind and uncertainty. A great oil to use during meditation for a sense of peace and calm.

  3. Frankincense, the king of oils. Help us reconnect to our “Truth” when we feel disconnected and unprotected. Apply to bottom of your feet to promote feelings of relaxation and balance mood.

  4. Lavender. Calms the overthinking mind and supports emotional grounding.

  5. Vetiver This unique thick oil is known to bring calmness when the mind is overactive. When used aromatically and topically (rub on soles of your feet) it may help bring us down into the physical world, out of the mind chatter

Easy recipe to ease your mind through ungrounded feelings:

Collage_Fotor recipe.jpg

Ground to Uplift

Roller Blend Recipe

• 10 drops of Arbovitae

• 10 drops of Lavender

• 8 drops of Wild Orange

• Fractionated Coconut Oil

Add all the oils to a 10ml roller bottle, top off with FCO.

Apply on wrists, temples, back of the neck & sole of the feet as needed to promote a feeling of calmness while uplifting your spirit!