Meditation has made a huge difference in my life.

As a child, I was temper tantrum driven (I know, it's hard to believe, right? Ask my mom :) )
As a teenager and adult, I was really quick to get into arguments, disagreements, especially with my family, If I knew (or thought) I was right. I would not back down, no matter how trivial the subject was (it made for some interesting dinner parties!)

Since I found yoga and meditation, I've learned to listen to my breath and now notice when it is changing. It has helped me stay calm through disagreements, be more loving and compassionate to the people I care about and ultimately be truly heard instead of making myself be heard.

I like Yoga Nidra because it is a guided meditation accessible to all. It has taught me to go deep into myself, find that quiet place where I feel safe and because it is guided, I am less likely to let my mind wander off which keeps me very present, in the moment, while my body rest deeply.

As you go through the different stages of relaxation, you can feel your stress melting, your body relaxing, your mind quieting. It is like a fairy took a magic wands and with a flick of the wrist released you momentarily from your burdens.
With that said, it is also a way to go deep into yourself and release traumas you have been through... some from childhood you might not even be consciously aware, you were carrying with you.
As you acknowledge their effects on you and release them (consciously or unconsciously), you will feel lighter.
As you come back from the deep sleep effect that is Yoga Nidra, you may feel that your senses are more alive. Lights and colors get brighter, sounds sharper.

I could talk about Yoga Nidra for hours, but the best way to understand its effect is to experience it.

There are many downloadable mp3, YouTube videos, CDs out there or you can find a teacher who will guide you in a group setting or solo in a private session.

I regularly offer Yoga Nidra Bliss workshop, my next one will be this Saturday (Aug. 27th) from 2p-4p at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center Brooklyn.
If you live in the area, come experience this amazing practice with me!

If you have any questions feel free to email me!

For more details about the workshop or to sign up, CLICK HERE!

From Brooklyn, with LOVE. Namaste