Stress symptoms can affect your body and your thoughts negatively.
We carry tensions both within the physical body and on even deeper levels in the subtle bodies which we are not always aware of. While we can ease physical tension by stretching, exercise or massage, subtle tensions are difficult to recognize and even harder to release. 
Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that allows you to go below surface tensions to release and transform stress at its deepest level.

Meditation has shown to stimulate the pineal gland in recent research studies. 
The pineal gland regulates circadian rhythms (wake/sleep patterns) by producing melatonin.
The release of melatonin effectively relaxes both the body and the mind. This relaxation leads to increased activity in the parts of the brain associated with happiness (specifically the left prefrontal cortex) and decrease activity in the parts of the brain associated with stress. (so Yoga Nidra = Happy Pill!)
In other words, Yoga Nidra is effective in reducing mild depression such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as Winter Blues.
If the cold weather and gray sky has taken your smile away and you cannot get to a sunny sandy beach anytime soon, let Yoga Nidra take you there!

There are many, many, more benefits to this beautiful practice.
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