Next Yoga Nidra Bliss will be New Year's Day at Laughing Lotus BK!

Let's start the New Year setting our intention for 2017 and beyond, and let our intentions be driven not by what our ego desires but what we truly desire deep down inside. 

“When you say something with your whole being…. it can transform the world” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Sankalpa comes from the sanskrit word Kalpa translating as a wish, a desire or a vow and San refers to the connection with the higher truth. Sankalpa is a resolution or a resolve.

Only after a deep meditation, like the practice of Yoga Nidra, as we remove layer after layer of what our ego has a tendency to cover up, can we access what is at our core.
After Yoga Nidra, we have access to more raw and pure information about ourselves because we are removing all the distractions surrounding us from our daily life.
From that state, setting a resolution and finding what would truly make us happy and fulfilled is quite powerful. It is like planting a seed, watering it with each practice and watching it grow and become fruitful.

A sankalpa does not change who you are deep inside, it lets the "YOU" or in sanskrit "So Ham" (I AM) shine out brighter so you can become who you always wanted to be, who you were always meant to be. 

Let your sankalpa and Yoga Nidra practice motivate you to fulfill your aspiration & your heartfelt desire.
What do you really want in your life, right now? What is your life goal?
Once you set your sankalpa, keep coming back to it until your intention becomes a reality. It is a practice of mindfulness and remembering.

Instead of the typical "This year I will....." let's start with "This year I AM" and watch yourself become who you always wanted to be! 

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Happy Holidays! Namaste